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Workshops for 2024

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment programme

Standard I, Auckland, January 26-28, 2024, then a weekend later in the first school term, chosen by participants

Standard II, Christchurch, April 15-19, 2024

Regrettably, Sandi Sebestian will be unable to conduct Basic workshops for this part of the year.

Contact Dr. Dorothy Howie on E mail for further information and registration

Feuerstein Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) workshop opportunity:

As representatives of the New Zealand Feuerstein Forum and Independent Schools Victoria Authorised Training Centre, both Genia Janover and Dorothy Howie would like to encourage colleagues who take an assessor role and have the required academic qualifications for LPAD assessment , and especially RTLBs and educational psychologists, to attend LPAD training opportunities in Melbourne. We are keen to see this as a joint approach in enhancing LPAD training opportunities for colleagues in Australia and New Zealand. The LPAD dynamic assessment approach would be particularly valuable in assessment of immigrant learners.

Independent Schools Victoria is offering the LPAD course every two years from 2019.

This would allow participants to complete the first two weeks of training in Dynamic Assessment theory and assessment tools. Those who have already completed this in New Zealand previously could attend week three 3 which is the practical application of the assessment with individuals and report writing. Those who attend week 1 and 2 in Melbourne may also attend week 3, time permitting.

Professor Louis Falik who conducted the training in New Zealand will conduct the course in Melbourne.

Contact Dr.Dorothy Howie ( for information about academic requirements.  

Please E mail Genia Janover ( if you wish to attend, copying your message to Dr. Dorothy Howie ( Please also  give your LPAD training background, your role and qualifications.

Feuerstein Forum and CPD seminar opportunities:

We are trying to provide CPD seminar training opportunities linked to Feuerstein Forum and more advanced Workshop provision on a more regional basis. For example, from the Wellington Feuerstein Forum in September a number of the participants have earned CPD credits for attending a CPD seminar.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD):

The International Feuerstein Institute has requirements for renewal of a certificate as an Instrumental Enrichment mediator, for those who are using the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment programs in a professional capacity.

A certificate is valid for four years from its issue date. It is renewed subject to the conditions outlined below:

  1. Each graduate of the Feuerstein courses (IE Standard, IE Basic) who implemented the IE programme must file an implementation report using the on-line  filing system. The submission should reflect at least 30 hours of work.  Each training i.e. FIE level 1, FIE level 2, requires submission of its own verification form (one time after each course). The website for implementation reports is

  2. A total of 8 CPD credits earned over a 4 year period is required to complete the CPD requirements and renew certification. The initial course is included in the calculation and is equivalent to 2 CPD credits. It is possible to earn the remaining credits in three different ways (or a combination of any of the three options:

    1. By attending a local ‘live’ CPD seminar organised by the Feuerstein Forum team. Each one attended will earn 2 CPD credits. Each seminar must include at least half-a-day study (4 hours). Payment is via the Feuerstein Forum, and has to cover the $25 US per person the Feuerstein Forum has to pay per participant to the Feuerstein Institute. The Feuerstein Forum is attempting to provide annual regional Feuerstein Forum in each region which can also count as CPD credit to make this option more viable throughout the country. The seminars will be advertised on this web site.

    2. By watching on-line CPD lectures via the CPD international website. Each complete lecture viewed will earn you 1 CPD credit. Payment is 25 Euro per lecture via the CPD site. The website is

    3. By attending additional courses during the four year period. This involves regular course payment, with no additional payment for CPD credit. Each course earns 2 CPD credits.


Instrumental Enrichment graduates who fulfill CPD requirements during a 4 year period since they took their first IE course will receive a permanent IE mediator certificate for all courses taken during this period, without an expiration date.

Special note for those that need 2017 certificates: Write to Professor Alex Kozulin ( requesting a copy of all of your certificates, giving details of workshops, dates etc. for each, (including the 2017 workshop) and also ask for information regarding the status of your accreditation. This will cost you a small fee in Euro.

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